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Certified Personal Trainer in Sacramento

Certified Personal Trainer develops Custom Tailored Programs To Meet Your Specific Needs

You will benefit tremendously from a personal training program that is custom tailored to your specific needs. In the private studio setting of Markee Personal Training in Sacramento California, you have complete access to state of the art, top of the line exercise equipment.

What Personal Training At The Markee Personal Training Studio Can Do For You

In the private studio setting of Markee Personal Training, you have complete access to state of the art, top of the line exercise equipment. Our cable equipment runs quietly on nylon bushings for a smooth feel while you go through movement patterns. You will have access to a full range of dumbbells, all levels of rubberized tubing and stability-balance modalities. This includes stability balls, Bosu, wobble boards and balance beams.

Yoga mats, yoga straps and Pilate balls are also available to you to enhance your workouts, challenge your balance, increase your flexibility and build you a very strong foundation to improve function and strength and mobility. Cardiovascular equipment includes, treadmill, elliptical, kickboxing bags and spin bikes. You will benefit from the private setting of the training studio as there is no wait time for equipment, and the equipment is clean! It is all about your privacy, safety and comfort.

In the personal training studio environment, you get to customize temperature. Have you ever been in a gym that is too hot or humid? At Markee Personal Training, your needs are the first priority. Because the sessions are by appointment only, you don’t have to wait for or share equipment. You get to put 100% of your efforts into improving your health. There are no phones ringing. There are no interruptions, you get to focus on you 100%!

Music is also a motivational factor and is also part of custom tailoring your personal training experience. You choose the music you would like to hear during your personal training session. Rubberized flooring offers safety to your workouts and is designed to be non-skid and cushion impact which is safer and healthier for your joints. The walls are a bright high energy color and are framed with large mirrors to keep you on task with proper form and technique.

Your learning experience with Markee Personal Trainings personal training programs will take your fitness to a whole new level of health. Think of the time and space you will save! Your trainer is waiting for you. You show up and maximize your time. Your workout has already been designed for you and you get to experience maximum results within the personal training session. You get to reduce your stress, increase your immune system, increase your stamina, increase your endurance, increase your strength and improve balance and flexibility. You get to reduce clutter by not having a bunch of exercise equipment taking up space in your home. You will remove the stress out of your life and maximize the benefits. Most of all, you will get results!

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